How To Use Minelab XChange 2 for EDITING - Illustrated Tutorial, page 2

1. Create & Edit Minelab CTX 3030 DISCRIMINATION PATTERNS on Your PC

To edit Discrimination patterns using the XChange 2 application, you need to do the following steps:

1) Install XChange 2 software on your PC or laptop (page 53 of the CTX 3030 Instruction Manual, page 4 of the XChange 2 User Manual). When you install the XChange 2 application, set your User Preferences as required:

1. Set options for 'Time', 'Position', 'Format' and 'Units' using the corresponding drop-down menus.
2. Click on the 'SAVE' button to save your preferences.

User Preferences Window

2) Start the XChange 2 on your PC or laptop by double clicking the "XChange 2 Application" iconXChange 2 Desktop Icon on your desktop, or open Start Menu and navigate to: All Programs > Minelab > XChange 2.

NOTE: The XChange 2 application can be used without logging in. 'Logging in' (page 11 of the XChange 2 User Manual) is required only when you use the mapping features.

This is the first screen displayed when you start the CTX 3030 XChange 2:

Opening Screen of XChange 2

Open Screen of CTX 3030 XChange 2

NOTE: Before creating or editing Discrimination patterns and/or Tone ID Profile of your User Search Mode in the XChange 2 application, you must transfer your User Mode from your CTX-3030 to your PC. You can move your User Mode into either of two folders within the XChange 2 application: the 'SAMPLES' folder Samples folder Icon/Button (located in the red vertical area - 'Special Collections' section), which contains all factory-preset User Modes, or a User Collection which you need to create beforehand (it will be also displayed in the 'Special Collections' section as shown on a picture above).

If you wish to use the 'SAMPLES' folder, skip the next step and proceed to Step 4.

3) Create A Collection in XChange 2
A COLLECTION is like a FOLDER on your PC. All User Modes copied from the detector must reside in a COLLECTION that you create, and each Collection should be given a name and allocated an icon. You can create as many Collections as you wish.

To create a Collection in XChange 2,
• press New Collection Button in XChange 2 button on the Collection Controls bar:

New Collection Button on Collection Controls Bar in XChange 2

• when the Collection screen is displayed, name the Collection by typing its name in the open window.

Collection Screen

XChange 2 Collection Screen

You may want to select an image for the collection, and then click SAVE. The newly created collection will appear in User Collections.

To edit a Collection, select the collection and click on the "Edit Collection" button Edit collection Button on the Collection Controls bar

Edit A User Collection in Minelab XChange 2

After you change the details of the collection, click SAVE.

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