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MINELAB EXPLORER II & SE Pro Metal Detectors - My Short Reviews

Minelab Explorer SEMinelab Explorer XS and Explorer II metal detectors were my primary machines for Cache Hunting, Coin Shooting and Relic Hunting for eight years because of their revolutionary Smartfind 2-Dimentional Discrimination and 28 Simultaneous Operating Frequencies (from Super Deep 1.5kHz to Ultra Sensitive 100kHz) of Full Band Spectrum (FBS) system.

No need to do complicated programming or frequent Ground Balance readjustments, simply Switch On and Go! Advanced Mode allows a treasure hunter to adjust the detector for any metal detecting conditions. Out of all Minelab Explorers, Explorer II definitely has the best electronics. I only wish it had a better physical body design (see My Reinforcement of the Minelab Explorer's Body).

Though, the Explorer II's body was designed to be more durable than the body of Explorer XS, I reinforced it anyway just to be on a safe side, and modified a similar body of the E-Trac - the Explorer's successor, the same way.

Minelab Explorer II also differs from Explorer XS by a larger 1/4" phone jack and use of the Dual Coordinate Digital Display which allows a metaldetectorist to see a digital read-out of both the target's Conductivity and Ferrous content at the same time.

I used Explorer XS from 2000 to 2005 and I used Explorer II from 2005 to 2009. With both machines, I have recovered many "goodies" including many nice relics even at the "hammered out" sites.

I used the Minelab Explorer SE for a short while and did not like its performance comparing it to the Explorer II's. Something was not quite right with SE's electronics or its search coil, no matter what settings I used, even though that detector was just out of box. I heard similar complains from other users of Minelab Explorer SE, which made me think that whatever electronic modifications were incorporated into the SE's circuit, the detector's performance was not improved, on the contrary it was the opposite.

Introduced with the Minelab Explorer XS in 2000, the revolutionary FBS technology was later inherited by the E-Trac and now, in a form of new upgraded FBS 2, is still incorporated in the Minelab CTX 3030.

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