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GARRETT ACE 250: Excellent Performance at Nomadic Camp Site - My Short Review

Garrett Ace 250 Metal DetectorGarrett Ace 250 was once lent to me by my relic hunting buddy during our outing at the nomadic camp site. That was the only time I used Ace 250, and that was an interesting experience to me.

The site was not littered with modern iron junk, and all targets, whether they were iron or non-ferrous, dated back to the 8th century. The mineral content of soil was low. So the metal detecting conditions were "one click down" from IDEAL!

The only inconvenience was the thick grass of a medium height which would reduce the detector's operational depth range. But that was compensated by the large diameter search coil I used with my buddy's Ace 250. It took me and my female companion Galina less than five minutes to learn how to use it (well, with my experience...).

Galina Is Metal Detecting On Her Own

Metal Detect with Garrett Ace-250

Operating this metal detector was a "piece of cake" because of the dual-tone audio identification: low-pitched tone for iron, and high-pitched tone for everything else. Such simple audio Target ID was sufficient enough for this site and very easy to deal with.

The targets were not buried too deep, and every target was a valuable "keeper", so we did not have to waste time on deciding whether or not to dig up the target: when a high-pitched tone signal was received, we dug up a nice relic and quickly moved on to the next target. Nothing could be easier than that!

Detecting with Garrett Ace 250

Unfortunately we had only two hours of daylight left for our metal detecting fun at this site. Whether it was for my competitive mood or the simplicity of Garrett Ace 250 or a single "hot" spot my companion and I hit right away, but we scored the highest number of finds and left our four colleagues way behind. My female companion had never metal detected before this day, nevertheless, with Garrett Ace 250, she managed to recover more finds than the guys with the multi-frequency detectors!

Medieval Relics Recovered with Garrett Ace 250

Medieval Relics Recovered with Garrett Ace 250

Detecting conditions at the site were certainly favorable for the Ace 250. Yes, it beat the FBS metal detectors in number of finds, but I cannot say that the Ace 250 would perform the same way under adverse metal detecting conditions. However, I can say for sure that the Garrett Ace 250 is an excellent machine for a beginner!

8th Century Belt Stud Found by Galina Using Ace-250

You can find the Garrett Ace-250's Features and Specifications and read other users' reviews here.

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