Metal Detection: My Best Treasure Hunting Finds

A Few Finds Representing Treasure Hunting, Coin Shooting & Relic Hunting

Since I began metal detecting in 1993, I have recovered thousands of finds that include both American and foreign coins, relics from French and Indian, Revolutionary, and Civil War time periods, artifacts from World War I and II, medieval coins and relics, etc.

Now I wish the modern digital technology was available back in the 1990s when I recovered many remarkable finds and would be able to photograph the exciting moments of their discovery. But, unfortunately, I did not even bother to take pictures with my automatic 35 mm camera.

Only in 2001 I started my photo collection of finds when I got my first digital camera. Since then, a few outstanding 'keepers' have gotten "caught in my net."

It is really hard to choose the "best finds" from the wide spectrum of dug coins and artifacts. What criteria could be used for their selection? Basically the best of finds could be determined by their historic, artistic, or monetary values.

I thought about that and decided to follow one simple principle of selection: the best finds could be those that gave me the thrill which would certainly last a lifetime!

Bronze Sculpture Psyche ca. 1881The following pages might bring you some excitement and inspiration:

Upstate New York Coin Cache

Bronze Statue "Psyche" by Moreau, ca. 1882

Silver Love Charm, circa 1786

Common Militia Waist Belt Plate, circa 1832-1845

USA Continental Army Button, circa 1775-1783

Rare 1877 Indian Head Penny

Armour-Piercing Bronze Arrowhead, circa 600 - 300 B.C.

Scandinavian Tortoise Fibula of Viking Era (AD VIII-XI)

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