Metal Detecting: My Best Treasure Hunting Finds (1997-2010)

A Few Finds Representing Treasure Hunting, Coin Shooting and Relic Hunting

Since I began metal detecting in 1993, I have recovered thousands of finds including both American and foreign coins, relics from French and Indian, Revolutionary, and Civil War time periods, artifacts from World War I and II, medieval coins and relics, etc.

Now I wish the today's digital technology was available back in the 1990s when I found many remarkable coins and artifacts. I wish I photographed most of them during the moments of their discovery and afterwards! But I was too excited metal detecting to think about capturing my amazing finds in photos. Another reason it did not happen was a cheap 35mm camera I had back then, which would not let me take great pictures of finds due to its technical limitations, e.g. inability to handle macro-photography. Nothing to say about having only 36 exposures in a roll of film! Not to waste too many of them, one had to put a lot of time and effort into the process of photographing coins and relics. So I did not bother. I deeply regret it now.

Only in 2001 I started my photo collection of finds when I got my first digital camera. Since then, a few outstanding "keepers" have gotten "caught in my net".

It is really hard to choose the "best finds" from the wide spectrum of dug coins and artifacts. What criteria could be used for their selection? Basically the best of finds could be determined by their historic, artistic, or monetary values. I thought about that and decided to follow one simple principle of selection: the best finds could be those that gave me a thrill when I realized what I found!

Visiting the following pages might bring you some excitement and inspiration:

Bronze Sculpture Psyche ca. 1881

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