My Best Cache Hunting Finds in Upstate New York

Upstate New York Coin Cache Discovery

This was my first coin cache that I found in 1997. Back then, I was still learning my White's Spectrum XLT metal detector which replaced the old good Garrett Master Hunter CX-III in my treasure hunting arsenal. This photo depicts a moment of my coin cache discovery in Ulster County, New York with my new metal detector.

New York Coin Cache Uncovered

There were 17 coins in the cache, including a couple of Half Dollars, a Hard Times token, and a variety of Barber and Mercury dimes, along with a few silver quarters. My friend David and I spent a while coin shooting at this property, and the total number of coins we recovered at was over 200, counting all types of coins dated between 1807 and 1964. Also a nice variety of buttons and relics was dug up.

Now I am glad that, at least, I had a 35 mm automatic camera with me on that day and captured the moment of my first coin cache discovery! In following years, I found a few other coin caches but unfortunately did not capture their images. Of course, I would never forget the thrill of all discoveries, especially the first one!

You can read my short story on this discovery on the Upstate New York Coin Cache Discovery page.

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