WWII Military Relic Finds

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1944 Artillery 03-Brass Estonian
01 1944 Silver Pin 02 Brass Splinters 03 Brass Splinters 04 Estonian SS Batallion Pin
WW German WW WW
05 German Bottles 06 German Grenade Fuse 07 German Grenade Fuses 08 German Cookingware
09 German K98 Rifle Bayonet 10 German K98 Rifle 11 German Mug 12 German Army Officer Whistle

Last Updated in 2007

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This gallery depicts images of WW2 military relics which I recovered while searching for coins in Russia, Estonia, and Ukraine. Metal detecting the WWII artifacts really is not "my cup of tea." But it's impossible not to come across these reminders of the "dark past" while metal detecting in the Western Russia, most of which still bears visible scars of heavy fighting between Red Army and the invading Army of Nazi Germany. Also a few images show WW2 items which I found while metal detecting at the picnic grove in Upstate New York.

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