WWII Military Relic Finds

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WW II German Army Uniform Buttons WW II German K98 Rifle Chain Rod WW II German Grenade Parts WW II German Heel Plates
13-German Uniform Buttons
14-German K98 Rifle Rod
15-Grenade Parts
16-Heel Plates
WW II German Mess Tin Cover WW II Protection Glasses made from Gasmask WW II Red Army Mug and Glass Bottle WW II Red Army Uniform Button Tunic
17-Mess-Tin Cover
18-Protection Glasses
31-Red Army Mug
32-Red Army Tunic Button
WW II Red Army Spoon Fragment with inscription WW II Nazi Germany SS Signet Ring WW II German Army Submachine Gun MG42 Ammo Belt WW II Nazi Germany Trench Art-Cigarette Lighter
33-Spoon Fragment
34-SS ring
35-Machine Gun MG42
36-Trench Art-Lighter

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This gallery depicts images of WW2 military relics which I recovered while searching for coins in Russia, Estonia, and Ukraine. Metal detecting the WWII artifacts really is not "my cup of tea." But it's impossible not to come across these reminders of the "dark past" while metal detecting in the Western Russia, most of which still bears visible scars of heavy fighting between Red Army and the invading Army of Nazi Germany. Also a few images show WW2 items which I found while metal detecting at the picnic grove in Upstate New York.

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