Photo Galleries of Relics & Artifacts Found with a Metal Detector

Relics & Artifacts Are Fun to Recover and Collect

The following photo galleries include items that represent a wide variety of relics and artifacts I recovered with a metal detector at different locations both in the US and abroad. In the US, I have relic hunted primarily in the North-East, the oldest historical area in America, which saw all major events of the French-Indian War, Revolutionary War and War of 1812. A wide variety of Colonial and military relics truly makes Relic Hunting in the North-East USA both enjoyable and educational.

Relics Found in the USA:

Relics of American Revolutionary War Period

Relics of 1812 War Period

Civil War Period and 19th Century Relics

Buckles circa 1700-1900's Found in the US

Relics Found in Eastern Europe:

Relics Found In Russia

WWII Military Relics (1)

WWII Military Relics (2)

While metal detecting with the treasure hunters in Russia and Estonia, I saw them throwing many interesting and valuable relics away because the guys simply could not identify their finds. With my knowledge of American Colonial artefacts, I was glad to help my friends in identifying their relic finds so at least a few valuable items could be salvaged. Amazingly, the recovered relics of the 18th and 19th centuries in Europe and America are identical.

Before I attained the knowledge on relics, their types and origins, I used to discard most of my relic finds the same way my Russian and Estonian treasure hunting buddies did.

Many times later I wished I attained the knowledge of relics and artifacts before I started metal detecting. It is important to know what you find, and preserve invaluable pieces of history.

I recommend these books on the American relics to those who are interested in relic hunting or artifact collecting:
1) Collector's Illustrated Encyclopedia Of The American Revolution by George C. Neumann and Frank J. Kravic
2) A Guide To Artifacts Of Colonial America by Ivor Noel Hume.

Both books are very helpful in authentication and identification of relic finds.

Relics recovered with Metal Detector

After traveling and metal detecting in the areas of the former Soviet Union for a few years, I have noticed that relic hunting for WWII military artifacts, mostly conducted by old methods that exclude use of traditional metal detector, is on a much larger scale than relic hunting for old artifacts. It could be explained by (1) lack of the literature for reference that could help in identification of old relic finds, (2) the market for old artifacts being overflooded with items that can be obtained in the provincial areas for cheap prices, (3) higher collectors' demand for coins than relics, etc.

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