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April 25, 2017:

I set up a "Donate" button on my Home page for those visitors who would like to contribute. Please donate whatever you can because I'm literally running out of money while getting close to accomplishing a gargantuan task - reconstructing this website to be mobile friendly and easier to navigate - namely rebuilding over 2,000 pages from the scratch! It has already been going on for a long while! After helping many detectorists with free, useful information for over a decade, I believe I've got a right to ask for help in return. And it's not really too much to ask. I would appreciate any contribution you make! Thank you for your help and understanding! And Happy Metal Detecting Season of 2017 to ALL!

December 10, 2015:

During the metal detecting season of 2015, I conducted many field tests with the XP Deus and some other metal detectors, which resulted in development of some quite effective search programs for coin shooting and relic hunting. I would like to write and post new articles based on my newly obtained practical knowledge and conclusions as soon as possible, but what keeps me away from doing so is a high necessity of reformatting and remodeling my website completely to make its pages mobile friendly. This must be done before anything else and unfortunately takes longer than I thought. So please be patient to see lots of exclusive reading material in the near future. Cheers!

December 2, 2014:

I modified and updated my old article - "Hot Rocks: How To Identify & Eliminate Their False Signals" which now contains FIVE pages instead of one, and all in-depth useful information on Hot Rocks, their Types and how to ID and reduce, if not eliminate, their false-metallic signals. My article also includes info on 1) downsides of using Automatic Ground Balance and Automatic/Semi-Automatic modes, 2) Conductive Wet Salts, and 3) Positive & Negative Offsets of detector's Ground balance. Please RELOAD each page a couple of times to see changes.

August 2, 2014:

Factors That Affect VDI Readings of Non-Ferrous TargetsI modified page 8 of a section on XP Deus Settings and added an article - "Factors That Affect VDI Readings of Non-Ferrous Targets" which contains useful information for ALL metal detectorists. Please RELOAD each page a couple of times to see changes.

August 1, 2014:

XP Deus Air TestI added an article XP Deus Air Test and Sergei's 100-Target VDI Chart for US Coins and Relics. The article contains a VDI chart for both good and junk targets commonly found in the North-East USA. All targets of six classes (junk items, coins, buttons, silver rings, gold items and other items) are arranged according to their VDI values in ascending order. My VDI chart allows for quick visual reference; thus, making it easy for every Deus user to determine the most efficient tonal break points in 3-, 4- or 5-tone modes of Discrimination.

July 27, 2014:

How To Metal Detect Around Cellar HolesI added more useful info to my in-depth Guide to Searching Around Cellar Holes, which I also revised. Added now are visual characteristics of cellars of homesteads of two time periods (pre-1800s and from late 1800s to mid-1800s), visual clues to remnants of former cellar holes - now either depressions or earth mounds, and a secret search technique for getting deepest (i.e. oldest) coins from "pounded" hunt sites with cellar holes. Please RELOAD each page a couple of times to see changes.

June 19, 2014:

Review on Wireless Grey Ghost Headphones for XP DeusI added my in-depth Review on DetectorPro Grey Ghost Headphones for XP Deus, which includes my field-test report, photographed reactions of XP Deus users on the Grey Ghost headphones, Pros and Cons, a few words on phony reviews and promotional videos, my comparison of the wireless Grey Ghost headphones to the XP WS4 headset, and a few useful tips.

April 30, 2014:

Metal Detect New York in WinterI added a new story (Story #8) - "Opening Metal Detecting Season in Upstate New York in February" to Detecting in USA section. This story describes two metal detecting outings in Upstate New York during snowless winter of 2012.

The story consists of two parts: Part I covers a metal detecting outing with my old buddy Rodney in Town of Palatine, Montgomery County, and Part II covers the outing with my good friend Tim Myers in Petersburg Township, Rensselaer county. This story could be an example of extreme metal detecting carried out by enthusiasts who is addicted to the hobby, live in northern states of the country, and, to fight the winter dreariness, attempt to cheat the winter. It is a fun read. Enjoy!

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