About Me

Sergei with His Winter Finds, December 1997

Winter Relic Hunting Photo

Nick Name:

Sergei from Upstate New York

Place of Birth:

City of Snezhinsk, the Ural Mountains, U.S.S.R.

Years of Metal Detecting:

since 1993

Types of Metal Detecting:

Relic Hunting, Coin Shooting, Cache Hunting

Metal Detectors Used:

Garrett Grand Master Hunter CX-II
White's Spectrum XLT
Tesoro Cortes
• Minelab Explorer XS
Minelab Explorer II
Garrett Ace 250
• Barracuda PI
Pulse Star II Pro
Minelab E-Trac

If you would like to read other users' reviews on metal detectors listed above, visit Metal Detector Reviews page.

Countries and Places Visited with Metal Detector:

• in USA: New York, Massachusetts, Connecticut, New Jersey, Florida, Indiana, North Carolina
• in UK: Wyltshire
• in Chile (South America): El Quisco on the Pacific Ocean coast line
• in Russia: St. Petersburg (Leningrad) Region, Pskov Region, The Ural Mountains Region, Irkutsk Region in South-Eastern Siberia
• in Estonia: North-Eastern Region
• in Ukraine: Kievan Region


Placement into the Guinness Book Of Records (since 2002) for earning the title of the world's fastest metal detectorist of the US for finding 20 pre-buried tokens within a 30 minute time limit during "Jeremiah Burr`s - Cash Bash 2002" organized by the National Metal Detecting Leagues (NMDL). I am still holding that record (page 83 of the 2008 edition of the Guinness World Records Book).

Articles Published:

• "From Russia... With Relics," "American Digger" magazine, Vol. 3, Issue 4, July - August 2007, pages 27-30
• "Exploring 'White Spots' In Winter", "Western & Eastern Treasures" magazine, May 1998 issue
• "The Art Of Treasure Hunting", "Western & Eastern Treasures" magazine, "The Best Finds of 1997" issue, January 1998 issue
• "New York Cache Uncovered," "Treasure!" - White's Electronics gazette, Christmas 1997 Edition

Photos Published:

Cover photos in:
• "Western & Eastern Treasures" issues of March and December of 1998
• "Lost Treasure" issues of January and December of 1998
• Photo of Silver Coins Cache (recovered in Upstate New York) in White's Electronics gazette, Christmas 1997 Edition
• Inclusion of my photographs of finds in some popular books on metal detecting.

Participation in Competition Hunts:

• C.A.S.H. BASH Competition Hunt, Connecticut, October 2005
• C.A.S.H. BASH Competition Hunt, Connecticut, October 2003
• Empire State Metal Detectors Association Club Hunt, New York, September 2003
• South Jersey Club Hunt, , New Jersey, September 2003
• C.A.S.H. BASH Competition Hunt, Connecticut, October 2002
• Empire State Metal Detectors Association Club Hunt, New York, September 2002
• Mid-Atlantic Chapter Competition Hunt, New Jersey, September 2002
• Ulster County Metal Detecting Club Hunt, New York, September 1996

Activities related to Treasure Hunting:

• Presentation on my Treasure Hunting trip to Russia at the Nursing Home of St. Joseph Church in Latham, New York, 2002.
• Gold Panning in South America, 1998
• Technical consulting during the production of a documentary "Looking for Dutch", a movie about a legendary treasure hidden by a renowned New York City gangster Dutch Schultz in Upstate New York, 1997.

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