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Detailed Metal Detector Illustrated Reviews for Some Popular Detectors

The following pages include my detailed reviews, operational tips and pictures of finds related to metal detectors that I currently use - XP Deus (doubled) and Pulse Star II Pro, and seven other metal detectors that I used earlier in my metal detecting pursuits. Some of them have been very popular in the US and worldwide over past 20 years.

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TESORO CORTES Never Fails To Find a "Keeper"!

When I won a Tesoro Cortes at the C.A.S.H. Bash Competition Hunt in 2001, I had already been using the Minelab Explorer XS metal detector (detector de metal) for a year and become a fan of the Explorer. Nevertheless, when I took the Cortes to some of my "tough" sites, places where iron junk was in abundance and 99% of good "signals" had been dug out, I was surprised by the Cortes' performance.

I have kept the Tesoro Cortes all these years, and it has been my back-up metal detector for Relic Hunting until recently when I began using the XP Deus. The Deus is suitable for both coin shooting and relic hunting, and rightfully became my primary metal detector. But the Cortes is still used by my relatives and friends who do not possess metal detectors but want to try their luck in treasure hunting sometimes.

I used the Tesoro as a relic hunting detector because of its "love" for iron targets. The Cortes allowed me to hear difference between the small- and large-nail audio signals! But the Cortes found lots of coins as well and always responded to them with a nice solid "pop" signal which could not be confused with a coin-like signal produced by a rusty iron target.

Tesoro CortesThis machine was easy to operate, and turning knobs allowed me to change settings fast "on the fly". Its light weight made it possible to metal detect for hours without fatigue: with the Cortes, I could hunt for straight 12 hours without getting exhausted or "loosing" my arm. It was also an optimal machine for Competition Hunts.

I did not have to modify machine's body as it was originally made durable and balanced. The only addition I made to it was winding a rubber strap around the handle for a better grip.

The only drawback I could think of in the Cortes' design was the Sensitivity knob's emplacement on a control panel: it was too close to the right, and I hit it with my hand while putting the detector down on the ground or picking it up. The Sensitivity knob should be placed at different location or redesigned.

Cortes definitely was not designed for the wet sand ocean beaches. I tried to use it on the Atlantic ocean beach once but was "overwhelmed" by numerous false signals, and had to switch to my Minelab FBS metal detector. It seemed to me that "salt pockets" in wet sand were knocking the Cortes' ground balance completely out.

The following are the Cortes' characteristics that I liked a lot: 1) the distinctive sound of a good target signal, 2) ability to give a sound characteristic of an iron target, i.e. one can hear the difference between the small square nail and large square nail signals, 3) easy-to-read digital display, 4) instant switch to All Metal Mode, and 5) Manual Ground Balance for dealing with difficult soils.

Cortes' audio allowed me to "hear" the curves and shapes of rusty iron targets! At some hunted out sites which were littered with iron junk, I managed to "squeeze out" a variety of nice iron relics.

Vintage Iron Picture Frame Found with Tesoro Cortes

Vintage Iron Picture Frame Found with Tesoro Cortes

And when the Cortes detects a coin or round shape non-ferrous target, one hears a distinctive "bang" in audio response. At this instance, one's decision to dig up the target is made without even looking at the target's VDI number. And this greatly increases the time efficiency in the fields.

Overall, the Cortes is a reliable land machine that "likes" iron and, therefore, is efficient for Relic Hunting. The Cortes was definitely a great metal detector of its time! And finally, the Tesoro's LIFETIME WARRANTY for their metal detectors still remains unmatched!

You can find Features and Specifications of Tesoro Cortes and read other users' reviews here.

My Mom Found a Hammered Silver Coin with Tesoro Cortes

My Mom Found a Hammered Silver Coin with Tesoro Cortes

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