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Brand: Teknetics
Manufactured by: Teknetics Metal Detectors (USA)

Teknetics T2 is the All-Purpose Land Metal Detector in $1000 Range.

User Review, Practical Tips, Program Settings and Finds by Treasure Hunter from England

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The following article was sent to me by Silverman777 who treasure hunts in the UK. The article includes his review on Teknetics T2 and his recommended settings for various conditions of metal detecting.

Location of Norfolk, England, Where Silverman777 Metal Detects
Location of Norfolk, England, Where Silverman777 Metal Detects

Silverman777's REVIEW:

Teknetics T2 Metal Detector

"I bought the Teknetics T2 after many hours on the net looking at various makes, models and prices. I was properly confused and very weary when a friend suggested I buy the T2.

I came across several websites blowing its horn. Then I looked at the 2nd-hand T2 machines thinking if they are good, there would not be any for sale. And I was right, I could not find a single one. So I dipped in my reserves and bought the Teknetics T2.

After several outings, I was convinced that I bought the best machine money can buy. With the right settings, the T2 should be illegal! And here they are: Sensitivity - at 70, Discrimination - at 5 and tone - 2+.

With this combination of settings, you will find more goodies than most other detectors, and you can use it for coin shooting and relic hunting everywhere - from the stubble pastures to ploughed leveled ground, except the beach. Push the trigger forward, press the round button till you reach F7 frequency setting - this procedure will increase the T2's sensitivity.

You will be able to hold your own everywhere just listen for the sounds. A high-pitched sound is a good target, a low grunt is iron. If you hear both a high-pitched signal and a grunt almost at the same time, remember that the T2's reset time is a fraction of a second, and you should definitely dig up this complex signal.

When in doubt, DIG, but the T2 wont lie to you. I dug many of the dodgy signals and found "winners", and, yes, some large pieces of iron because of the halo effect.

Please remember that the quality of the silver in a Hammered coin will cause the meter reading to vary. Small hammereds, 8mm-14mm in diameter, of pure silver will read different on the meter than a large hammereds, 18mm-22mm in diameter, with less silver content! Same goes for gold coins I tested.

So trust your ears on 2+ tone! Dig the high-pitched sounds even if the meter reads 44-53. You will dig a lot of rubbish, but the gold plated coins and the half-cut hammereds I found correspond to this meter reading. So in my opinion, I do not pay too much attention to the meter readings.

S.P.Q.R. Silver Denarius, Imperor Claudius, circa 41-54 AD
Silverman777's Oldest Coin-Find - S.P.Q.R. Silver Denarius, Emperor Claudius, circa 41-54 AD

When the signal is bouncing, meaning it is moving between high and low signals and not giving the same reading on the meter, it is iron or rubbish. Dig up a few to convince yourself. Trust the T2's signals and listen carefully.

Saxon Silver Pendant

The best way to learn the sounds with your T2 is to create your own Test Garden. Bury many (the more, the better!) different metallic objects, such as silver coins and relics, copper coins and relics and gold rings.

Leave your objects buried for a while so the ground could settle down, and the halo effect would develop around them. Pouring water over their spots helps to settle the ground.

After some time passes, swing the T2 over your targets, listen and learn the sounds! Do it for a few days to memorize them. Every time you do this, keep your eyes closed and just listen to the signals received. Ignore the meter because the meter can be wrong! I know, it is a boring routine, but you should do it as many times as you can until you know the sounds in your ears.

For example, golf is about one's Muscle Memory. Metal detecting is about your Sound Memory - once you know the sounds and what they represent, you will be good at finding the "goodies"! I had many great finds in five months following this routine..." (CONTINUED on Next Page...)

Scottish Kilt Brooch
Another Silverman777's Great Find -
A Gold Plated Brooch with Emerald and Ruby

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