Metal Detector Reviews Listed by Brand Name

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Metal Detector Reviews Listed by Name

In this section, all metal detectors, treasure hunting systems and instruments are listed by the manufacturer's Brand Name.

If you are not sure yet what type of metal detector may be the most suitable for you in general or for your specific metal detecting tasks, you may want to read my article on and visit the section.

The latter lists metal detectors and equipment required for each particular type of metal detecting activity, whether it is land or underwater treasure hunting. In menu on the right, you can find category pages in which all metal detectors are presented by types.

You may also find some useful information in my reviews on metal detectors I used to have or still employ for my treasure hunting projects. In section, I reviewed and described 10 metal detectors - XP Deus, XP GoldMaxx Power, Minelab E-Trac, Minelab Explorer XS and II Pro, Pulse Star II Pro, Tesoro Cortes, White's XLT, Garrett Ace-250 and Garrett CX-II. Most of them are still widely used by treasure hunters around the world.

If you have already determined the metal detector's exact type, i.e. it incorporates certain features and specifications, according to your likes and needs, but you feel that the detector's price may be too steep for you, check the page. There you may find detector models that are similar to the one you have chosen but cost less.

The following listing order will help you find information on any detector or instrument available on the market today and compare its Features, Specifications, Prices and Images as well as Reviews and Ratings from real users - all important information to help you choose the right machine for yourself.

Please do not hesitate to contribute by leaving a review if you have already used any metal detector listed here. Your opinion is of a great value to everybody - both the beginners and seasoned treasure hunters!

Plus, this is a great opportunity for you to let the manufacturer of your metal detector know what improvements should be made to ensure the most effective metal detecting search. All manufacturers of metal detectors read these reviews regularly!

If you do not find the name(s) of certain metal detector(s) available for review, and you would like it to be listed in a table below, please do not hesitate to submit its name:

If you would like to visit any particular metal detector manufacturer's website, you can find its link on my link page - . MY ADVISE: If you do not find the manufacturer's name on that page, it means that I could not find any reliable information on that manufacturer and its products, or the manufacturer is known for producing either gimmicks based on outdated technology or feeble semblances of well-reputated metal detectors, or its metal detectors are poorly built from cheap materials in Southeast Asia or Eastern Europe. Or the manufacturer simply ceased production. If you are still in doubt, try to do your own research, but you better stick with the well known, tested, proven and trusted name brands!

for Metal Detectors & Treasure Hunting Systems Listed by Brand Name

Minelab Group (Australia):

White's Electronics (USA):

Fisher Laboratories (USA):

Garrett (USA):

Bounty Hunter (1st Texas Detectors, USA):

Legacy Series:

Discovery Series:

Tracker Series:

Pioneer Series:

Titan (1st Texas Detectors, USA):

Nautilus (USA):

Viking (UK):

Laser (UK):

Aka Metal Detectors (Russia)

Golden Mask (Bulgaria):

Pro II Locators (???):

ScanMaster Professional Omnitron Systems (UK):

Black Bull (Bulgaria):

DeepTech Metal Detectors (Bulgaria)

Treasure Commander/Wild Game Innovations (China):

JW Fisher (Underwater Detectors) (USA):

Tesoro (USA):

Troy Shadow (USA):

XP Metal Detectors (France):

DetectorPro (USA):

Predator (USA):

Teknetics (USA):

C Scope Metal Detectors (UK):

Nexus (UK):

TB Metal Detectors (Germany)

Lorenz (Germany):

OKM Locating Technology (Germany):

Quantro Sensing Series (USA):

Aurora (Canada):

MP Digital Series (China):

Treasure Hunter Metal Detectors (China):

Viper (China):

Cobra (China):

American Hawks (China):

Nokta Engineering (Bulgaria):

Blisstool Metal Detectors (Bulgaria)

Other Brands:

Black Knight (China):

Laserscan (China):

Ground Penetrating Locator (USA):

Shark Marine Technologies (Canada):

ScanMaster (UK):

Mikron Metal Detectors (Bulgaria):

Pirate Metal Detectors (Bulgaria)

Makro (Turkey):