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Pulse Star II Pro

Most of the hidden treasures were buried deep enough not to be discovered accidentally. The money caches that were buried fairly shallow (at arm-length), for quick recovery during the emergency, have naturally sunk over a period of time to a depth that may be unreachable to standard conventional or even 2-box metal detectors.

The Deep Seekers - professional metal detectors, are designed for searching large areas with a degree of accuracy and penetrating 7+ feet into the ground.

If you would like to read more about this type of metal detectors, visit my page dedicated to the deepseeker. There you will find my review and a few practical tips on search technique I use while treasure hunting with the real "treasure locator".

Pulse Star II Pro Deep Seeker with 1m x 1m and 18-inch Search Coils
Pulse Star II Pro Deep Seeker with 1m x 1m and 18-inch Search Coils

If you have made your choice of a metal detector but are not sure how to proceed further, you may want to read my article on and learn what to do before buying the machine.

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