Metal Detecting Finds

Photo Galleries of Coins and Relics Found with a Metal Detector in the USA and Abroad

Here you can find photo galleries of some my metal detecting finds, coins and relics, that I have recovered from 1997 to 2007. The most exclusive finds are described in My Best Finds chapter. You also might want to check out Other Treasure Hunters' Best Finds page (last addition - February 7, 2010).

My Finds:

My Best Finds

Coins page:

US Copper Coins
US Silver Coins
Spanish Reals
Russian Hammered Coins
Russian Imperial Coins
Soviet Coins
World Coins

Relics page:

Revolutionary War Period
1812 War Period
Civil War Period
Russian Relics
World War II Relics (1)
World War II Relics (2)

Buttons page:

Rev War Period
1812 War Period
Civil War Period
Civilian Buttons
Russian Buttons


US & Canada Bank Tokens

Jewelry page:

Gold Jewelry
Silver Jewelry
Medieval and Old Jewelry

Other Finds page:

Crucifixes and Religious Medals
Dog Tags
Miscellaneous Items

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