US Coins of Copper Alloy - Colonial Coppers & Large Cents

Coins Displayed: Connecticut Copper and Large Cents Of Different Types And Varieties

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1787 1798 1800 1802
1787 Connecticut...
1798 Large Cent
1800 Large Cent.jpg
1802 Large Cent
1803 1807 1807 1817
1803 Large Cent
1807 Large Cent
1807 LC made int...
1817 Large Cent
1819 1822 1831 1837
1819 Large Cent
1822 Large Cent
1831 Large Cent
1837 Large Cent

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This gallery depicts digital images of Colonial and US coins which I recovered while relic hunting around cellar holes, foundations, farmfields, stone quarries, river crossings, etc. Relic Hunting is my primary metal detecting activity in Upstate NY because of many important historical events that took place during the French-Indian and Revolutionary Wars in the 18th century. Other representative coins from the Colonial period, i.e. Spanish Reals and King George Coppers, can be viewed in the World Coins section. Detailed numismatic information on Large Cents and other commonly found coins is included into Numismatic Corner section. Each coin image represents a group of similar coins by type.

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