Antique Buckles of the Colonial (1600-1775) and Revolutionary War (1776-1781) Periods

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Bat Wing Type
Strap Buckles
Pewter Buckle
Strap Buckles
B13 B14 B15 B16
Silver Plated
Belt Buckle
Cartridge Box Type
Brass Tines
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Harness Type
Harness Type
Shoulder Strap Type
Belt Buckle

This photogallery includes images of antique Belt, Shoulder, Shoe, and Strap Bucklesof the Colonial Period (1600-1775), Revolutionary War Period (1775-1783) and 19th Century, recovered around cellar holes, foundations, stone walls, forts and military sites, and in the fields while relic hunting in North-East USA. Each item represents a group of similar relics.

Last Updated in 2007

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