Gold Jewelry

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01 Rose Gold Signet...
02 Rose Gold Signet...
03 Engagement Ring
04 Bronze Ring
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05 22k Gold Ring
06 Stamp 22k
07 Gold Wedding Ring
08 Designer Stamp

This Photo Gallery depicts images of the gold jewelry items which I recovered while metal detecting around cellar holes and foundations, at the picnic grove, and in the fields in the North-east USA. Because I metal detect at the remote locations, far away from the ocean beaches, gold jewelry items, such as rose gold signet rings, gold wedding bands, gold engagement rings, gold bracelets and necklaces, are very scarce and mostly antique or vintage. Gilded or gold plated copper and bronze rings, earrings, necklaces, and bracelets are more likely to be found at those locations.

Last Updated in 2006

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