World Coins, circa 16th-20th Centuries

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1593 1636 1636 1636
1593 3 Grosches
1636 Quarter Ore
1636 1/4 Ore
1636 1/4 Ore
1636 1663 1666 1666
1636 Quarter Ore
1663 1/9 Thaler
1666 1/6 Ore
1666 1/6 Ore
1666 1677, 1703 1718
1666 One Sixth Ore
1677 1/9 Thaler
1703 3 Pfennig
1718 1 Stvber

Last Updated in 2006

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This Photo Gallery depicts images of coins which I recovered while metal detecting in the USA, England, Chile, Russia, Ukraine, and Estonia. Also included are the coins that represent other countries such as Sweden and Swedish Colonies, German States and Nazi Germany, Eastern-European countries, Spain and Spanish colonies. Some of the images accompanied with the name of the ruler of the period. Cache and coin hunting are my major metal detecting activities in the foreign countries. Each coin represents a group of similar coins.

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