Relics from 1812 War Period

W1 W11-waist W12-bridal W2
1812 War Relics Display
Common Militia Waist Belt Plate
Bridal Rosette
1812 War Uniform Buttons
W3-tile W4 W5-cap W6-cap
2nd Regiment U.S. Artillery Tile
1812 War Relics in Display
Half of Uniform Cap Plate
Other Half of Uniform Cap Plate
W7 W8-love W9-cartridge
1st Regiment US Light Artillery Button
Post Rev War Silver Love Charm
U.S. Light Artillery Cartidge Box Plate

Shown here are the images of relics and artifacts from 1812 War period that I recoverd around cellar holes, foundations, stone walls, forts and military camp sites, and in the fields while relic hunting in Upstate NY.

Last Updated in 2006

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