French and Indian and Revolutionary War Relics

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stirrup snaffle oxen military
Horse Snaffle Bit
Oxen Shoe
Military Relics
musket Various Various scythe
Musket Lock Plate
Various Relics
Various Relics
Scythe Tang
table Various padlock pewter
Table Knives
Various Relics
Pewter Spoon

Shown are the images of relics and artifacts from French and Indian and Revolutionary War periods that I recoverd around cellar holes, foundations, stone walls, forts and military sites, and in the fields while relic hunting in Upstate NY. Images include Stirrup, Snaffle Horse Bit, Oxen Shoe, Musket Lock Plate, Shoe Buckle, Colonial Tools, Spike Axe, Knife Blades, Padlock, and Pewter Soon. Each item represents a larger group of similar relics.

Last Updated in 2006

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