French and Indian and Revolutionary War Relics

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Jaws Lead Mattock Padlock
Jaws Harp
Lead Pencil
Axe Net Trunk Padlock
Axe Head
Net Sinkers
Trunk Lock
Scythe Pewter Horse Pot
Scythe Tang
Spoon Fragments
Horse Cheekpiece
Pot Hook

Shown are the images of relics and artifacts from French and Indian and Revolutionary War periods that I recoverd around cellar holes, foundations, stone walls, forts and military sites, and in the fields while relic hunting in Upstate NY. Images include Jew's Harp, Lead Pensil, Mattock, Padlock, Axe Head, Net Sinkers, Trunk Lock, Spike Axe, Pewter Spoons, Cheek Piece of Horse Bit, Pot Hook. Each item represents a larger group of similar relics.

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