My Best Coin Shooting Finds in Upstate New York

1877 "Indian Head" Penny - American Small Cent Collectible Coin

Once in a while, a metaldetectorist gets lucky and finds a collectible coin with a rare key-date - the year when a limited quantity of coins was minted. I recovered this 1877 Indian Head Penny - US Small Cent, while I was coin shooting at the picnic grove in Upstate New York (you can read my full story on Picnic Grove Discovery page).

I found out about the coin's rarity only a few days later when I consulted the Official Red Book - A Guide Book Of United States Coins! You can find the basic numismatic information on any US coin in the US Coins section and see my other American coin finds in Coins Photo Galleries directory.

1877 Indian Head Penny US Small Cent

Designer: James B. Longacre

Composition: .950 copper, .050 tin and zinc

Diameter: 19 mm

Mints: Philadelphia, San Francisco

Quantity Minted: 852,500

Price: in G-4 (Good Condition) $450

Source: Red Book Of United States Coins by R.S. Yeoman

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