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Scythian Bronze Armor-Piercing Trilobated Arrowhead, ca 600-300 B.C.

This was certainly one of my breathtaking discoveries! I had never imagined that I would cross the B.C. time barrier with my metal detecting finds before I dug up this amazing relic near a small Ukrainian village Antonov where Igor Sikorsky, one of the worlds greatest aviation pioneers, spent his childhood, in the Kiev region. The arrowhead was unearthed at the "fruitful" site of a medieval marketplace situated on the riverbank.

Armour Piercing Tri-Lobed Bronze Arrowhead, ca. 600-300 B.C.

The ancient trilobate (tri-lobed, trilobe, trilobated) armour-piercing arrowhead of the socketed type is made of pewter and bronze alloy, or "white bronze," 1-1/4" (3.5 cm) in length, and still sharp and shiny! It belongs to the Scythian or Scytho-Sarmatian culture. From the beginning of the 8th century B.C. Kimmer, Scyths (Skiffs) and Sack (Sakas) ancient groups made marches eastward to ancient lands of the Front Asia and Siberia.

During the Greco-Scythian historic period, VII B.C. - I A.D., the entire territory of modern Ukraine was inhabited by the Scythian tribes, and its southern part was a Greek colony. This Scytho-Sarmatian arrowhead was found along with other interesting artifacts and coins dated from the millenniums B.C. to Medieval period. My full story can be read on the Crossing the "Before The Christ" Time Barrier! page.

This Well-Preserved Relic is at least 2,300 Years Old!

Scythian Bronze Arrowhead , ca. 600-300 B.C.

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