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Upload User Mode from CTX 3030 Metal Detector to XChange 2

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4) Connect CTX-3030 metal detector to your PC or laptop:
• Insert one end of the USB cable into a USB connection facility (page 2 of the CTX 3030 Instruction Manual) on your CTX-3030, and the other end into a USB port of your PC or laptop. Although CTX 3030’s transmitter is switched off while connected to a PC, make sure the coil is not located next to any large metal objects.
• Turn on your CTX-3030 metal detector. A confirmation message "USB Connected" will be displayed on the CTX-3030 display. You can now use the XChange 2 application.

When your detector is connected to your computer, the detector’s name - CTX 3030, appears next to the 'Detector Collection' icon/button in the red vertical rectangle - 'Special Collections' section, situated in the left part of the XChange-2 window and under the 'COLLECTIONS' title on the black horizontal "Collection Controls" bar:

'Detector Collection' Icon/Button with Detector's Name "CTX 3030" Next To It

Detector Collection Button in CTX 3030 XChange 2


5) Click on the 'Detector Collection' button XChange 2 Detector Button to open the Item List that contains all User Modes, including the factory preset Modes, available in your CTX 3030 metal detector.

To transfer your User Mode, "Coins Level-1" in this instance, from your CTX-3030 to the 'SAMPLES' Collection, by using "Drag & Drop" operation:

6) Move the cursor onto the Item Summary - "Coins Level-1" bin - a rectangle in the Item List. The default cursor will change to a hand cursor Hand Cursor, and the summary of the "Coins Level-1" User Mode will be red-outlined.

List of Items in Your CTX 3030 (item descriptions are not shown)

Item Summary is Highlighted When You Move Cursor Over It

7) Click on the "Coins Level-1" bin (when it is selected, it will be highlighted in blue) and hold down the mouse button to "grab" the bin, then "drag" it to the "blue folder" icon/button - 'SAMPLES', as shown below, and "drop" the bin there by releasing the button.

Transfer Your User Mode from CTX 3030 to XChange 2

Click, Hold and Drag

All other User Modes stored in your CTX-3030 can be transferred to the XChange 2 the same way.

NOTE: Presence of all factory-preset User Modes - 'COINS', 'BEACH', 'RELICS', 'SILVER' and 'HIGH TRASH' in the XChange 2 application will give you an opportunity to use them as the basis for creating your new User Modes according to the corresponding metal detecting conditions alike.

• 7-1) You can CREATE A NEW USER MODE in existing User Collection by clicking on the "New User Mode" button Create New User Mode Button in Minelab XChange 2 located on the "Collection Controls" bar.

Create A New User Mode in Minelab XChange 2 Application

The User Mode editor (shown on a picture in Step 10 on next page) will be displayed. Your new User Mode MUST be given a name before it can be saved. Type a name for your mode into the Name field and click the "Save New" button Save New Button.

8) Click on the 'SAMPLES' icon/button XChange 2 Samples Button to open the 'Samples' folder and vew the contents of the Item List - a list of all User Modes transferred into the XChange 2 from your CTX 3030. There, you will find (scroll down if necessary) a rectangular Item Summary for the "Coins Level-1" User Mode.

9) Move the cursor onto the Item Summary. The default cursor will change to a hand cursor Hand Cursor, and the "Coins Level-1" bin will be red-outlined.

"Coins Level-1" Mode in the Item List of 'SAMPLES' Folder

XChange 2 Item List of Samples in a Collection

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