C.A.S.H. Bash Competition In Connecticut

Discovery of French Coin Sirca 18th Century

Well, I did not have time to interact with Crocus so I moved to another spot. Again, I was just about to metal detect when this groundhog (or whatever) came out of its hole to see what was happening on its property. At least this animal did not dare to come close and sniff the coil. It probably felt being a little bit too small for this strange kind of human activity.


Behind the horse boarding stables, I noticed two horses having lunch and I was wondering if they would show any interest in coin shooting.


It was good that Vlad previously fed them a little and got them into lunch project instead of distracting metal detectorists.

Vlad Feeds A Horse

...Because I was busy playing with cows and taking pictures of dirt, I did not find a single "keeper" that day. All I dug up was a usual modern junk: beer cans, pull-tabs, crown caps, screwcaps, pieces of iron and aluminum, iron screws, and parts of farm machinery. I just was not lucky unlike other few treasure hunters...like Streak! For all his troubles with friendly and curious cows, Streak was rewarded with this awesome coin-1793 12 Deniers, minted under the rule of Louis XVI in France. Great find!

1793 12 Deniers, France

1793 12 Deniers France

Also a dozen of Large Cents was recovered in the farmfields, but most of them were in poor or bad condition. But there was one great find of the hunt!...

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