Metal Detecting Competition at Early American Farm

Curious Farm Animals

Some farm animals showed a great interest in metal detecting activity. I noticed that Streak from PA was followed by one curious cow.

Cow At Pasture

Every time Streak stopped, the cow stopped.

Cow Was Following A Detectorist

Then the cow decided to get "friendly" a little and sniffed Streak as if it was saying, "Hello! Do not ignore me! And, by the way, why are you carrying that "weed-wacker" and the shovel at the same time?"

A Friendly Cow

This cow's behavior went on for a while... Every time Streak moved the coil, the cow moved its head following each swing. That was hilarious! I was loughing inside and was sure the cow was getting into it!

Curiosity Took Over The Cow

Cow And Metal Detecting

Following Every Move With Stare

Finally, Streak talked the cow out of both metal detecting and making good friends with him on that day. I decided to resume my exercise and went to the grounds on another side of the farm.

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