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Coin Shooting in Taconic Mountains, Upstate New York

When GPS Navigation Is Not Available, Various Natural Landmarks Would Help You Find Your Position On The Map And Locate Abandoned Cellar Holes in the Area

General Map Of New York State

General Map Of New York State

One day in October, I felt nostalgic about finding the Large Cents so I decided to go metal detecting in a rural mountainous area that I discovered two years ago but never had a chance to search. The area had been known for many discoveries of all kinds of Large Cents. The day was just perfect for metal detecting: cool crispy air and lots of sunshine. I put my Minelab Explorer metal detector into my truck and left for the mountains.

My point of destination was the western part of Rensselaer County in New York State where an Appalachian Trail runs along the Taconic Mountain Range, a natural border between two states, New York and Massachusetts. Soon after I left the populated area in the Hudson River Valley, the mountain range appeared in far distance.

Taconic Mountains Range

The Mountain Range Was Appearing Larger And Larger In Size As I Was Approaching The Town Of Berlin

On The Way To The Town Of Berlin

Taconic Range

A Small Hamlet With An Old Church

A small Hamlet With Old Church

A Few More Minutes Of Driving On A Highway Before Turning Onto The Access Road That Would Take Me Up To The Taconic Mountains

Last Few Minutes On A Highway

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