Searching For Large Cents In the Taconic Mountains

While Treasure Hunting Always Carry A Headlamp In Case You Would Be Too Excited To Go Home Before Dark.

I unearthed four more Large Cents before the sun began descending. Through the trees, I could see last sun rays reflected off the mountain across the hollow.

Last Sunrays Reflected Off the Mountain

The Last Minute Before The Sun Disappeared

Explorer XS,  Lesche Relic Shovel, and Sunset

It started getting dark and cold immediately but I did not want to leave such a good site yet. I decided to find one more Large Cent before leaving for home. So I put my head lamp on, turned it on, and continued searching. I was receiving many questionable signals, but digging them kept me warm so I kept going until I heard a pleasant sound in my headphones.

The Last Large Cent Of The Day

The Last Large Cent of the Day

At A Closer Look...

Large Cent I Just Dug Up

Here Are All the Coppers I Found At the Site

All Large Cents From the Site That Day

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