Weekend C.A.S.H. Bash Competition Hunt In CT

Meeting New Friends

I searched the area behind the farm for a while and did not receive a single good solid signal. There were freshly dug holes all over the place!

I decided to climb over the fence and search the next pasture.

As soon as I landed on a ground and started swinging the coil, a calf appeared from nowhere...

Calf Moved Slow Towards Me

While pretending it was having lunch, this calf (or whatever) was getting closer and closer to me...

Animal Was Approaching

I was just wondering what was this animal up to.

"Oh, Hello Crocus!"

Wanna Hug?

Crocus was not interested in making friends, she tried to figure out what was that strange looking apparatus that I was carrying and why it was flattening that juicy yammy grass. After Crocus sniffed the Explorer, she just stood there as if demanding the answers.

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