C.A.S.H. Bash Competition Club Hunt in Connecticut

Eventful Sunday

In a Moment, We Started Rock-N-Rolling!

Metaldetectorists Competing

Everything would be all right for me during the hunt if I did not leave the bangy cord, which holds the medium shaft of my Explorer in place (see detailed description in My Equipment section), back at the camp. As soon as the "Go!" signal was given and I started swinging the coil fast, the shaft begun coming out of its compartment inside the control box (another flaw in Explorer's poor design). Boy, was I frustrated! I wished I brought my Tesoro Cortes (which I won at this same metal detecting competition in 2002) to the hunt! I did not have to struggle too long as the hunt ended soon.

Somehow I managed to recover 16 tokens. Primo did the best in our team-he found 22 tokens! Tim scored 11 tokens, and Vlad got six. Unfortunately, the total of our team tokens was not enough to win anything. A winning team dug up 92 tokens! The best four detectorists from each state would compete in the last hunt for a National Champion Title.

Second Competition Hunt was a "Fun Hunt". This time, there was a variety of tokens, aluminum and made out of pennies, also a few brass keys were scattered around. One key would open a chest containing a prize--a 5 Dollar 1/10 Oz Fine Gold Coin.

Another 15 Minutes of Fun!

Everybody stayed at the spot, where they were at the moment of "Stop the Hunt!" signal, and waited for the judges to count their tokens.

Then It Was Over For Me Until Next Year

This time all of my buddies did well and received a variety of prizes. I got a useful book, Civil War Collector's Price Guide, among other prizes.

Vlad is counting his tokens

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