Metal Detecting in the "Large Cents" Land Again

This was a great find but I did not have time to sit and rejoice over it for too long because the sun was descending behind the mountain. That meant that the day hunt was over and the temperature was about to plummet below the freezing point. But I had a moment to enjoy the sunset.

Sunset in the Taconic Mountains

As I completed metal detecting the area around the cellar, I moved onto the outskirts of the property. My next two finds were iron oxen shoes.

Oxen Shoe Found

Looking Up Close

Oxen Shoe Up Close

Oxen Shoes - Typical Relics from the 18th Century

Colonial Relics - Oxen Shoes

Then I got a "silver coin" signal not far from the last dug hole. I started carefully cutting a large plug of dirt around the target. Of course, I expected to see a large cent, but an object with green patina came out of the dirt.

Colonial Relic Dug Up

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