Metal Detecting in the "Large Cents" Land Again

The second quadrant did not yield anything else but junk, so I moved into the third quadrant. I increased Sensitivity to the possible maximum level and got another non-iron signal. This time, it was just a tiny plain button without a shank.

Brass Button

Button - the Other Side

Now I had one quadrant left for searching and hoped that there would be at least one real nice 'left-over' to recover. The Gods Of Metal Detecting heard my prayer and gave me a target with a nice solid signal. "Silver Coin," Cortes informed me. When I dug a small hole, I noticed an object with green patina. At first glance, it looked like a spoon handle.

Brass Object Detected

I dug the dirt from underneath it and recognized the shape of a large square belt buckle.

Colonial Relic Exposed

Recovery of Colonial Brass Buckle

It was exciting to hold a colonial relic recovered at the "hammered" site.

Colonial Brass belt Buckle Recovered

18th Century Brass Single Framed Belt Buckle with Iron Tine

Colonial Single Framed Belt Buckle

Brass Belt Buckle - Other Side

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