Metal Detecting in Upstate New York

My plan worked as I got a real nice "silver coin" signal. This time I was scooping the dirt out of hole with my hands and scanning it in front of the search coil. Finally the signal was in my hand! As I placed the dirt on the ground and spread it evenly, I noticed a coin of a large cent size.

Old Coin Detected

"It is Gotta Be a Large Cent!"

Large Cent Size Coin

I rinsed the coin with water from the bottle and finally noticed green patina. What puzzled me was the thinness of the coin. Then I noticed the letters on its surface and realized that they did not resemble anything like "UNITED STATES OF AMERICA" or "LIBERTY" (on early Large Cents). Though the laureate's head faced right.

Colonial Copper

Alexander came over and saw my smile.

Posing with Coin for a Picture

Finally, with a little bit of light left, I saw the Roman number "III" - in fact, I got the King George III copper! I did not know why but it was the second time I met with the King III this metal detecting season. The first meeting, with the King Sigismund III, was in Ukraine back in May - you might have already read That Story. Maybe I was getting some message from the past...


English 1771 King George III Penny

III.REX. Inscription on Coin

A Nice 1771 Coin Specimen from England

1771 King George III Copper

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