Metal Detecting Old Picnic Grove, page 6

Another Historical Land Is Gone In Upstate New York

It is worth of checking old maps for the areas that are similar to the location where lots of coins were found.

Back Then...

Picnic Grove Before Construction

...And Now

Picnic Grounds Are Gone


Hot Spot Around Discarded RR Tiles Back in 2001


Industrial Park on Green Island

Used To Be a Picnic Grove Full of Coins...

Picnic Grove on Green Island

...Now It is a Warehouse Full of Mattresses

Sealy Warehouse

After that experience, I truly understood the meaning of the old proverb, "Do not put it off until tomorrow if it can be done today!" Anyway, it was another great metal detecting adventure. One day, when I went to the Albany archives to do a map research of some potential sites, I came across a portion of a 1929 map of the Hudson River Valley. When I saw the Green Island situated right in the middle of the map, all I said was, "Yeah, right..."

A Fragment of 1929 Map of the Hudson Valley

1929 Map Fragment with Picnic Grounds Indicated

It is funny that, this time, the treasure hunting process turned out to be done in reverse: first, we dug up all the coins, then, we learned where to dig them!

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