Discovery of a Picnic Grove in Upstate New York

Metal Detecting The Piles Of Scraped Soil At The Construction Site Can Bring Amazing Results!

I had unearthed 200 more coins before the construction finally destroyed the picnic grove completely. On my last visit, I found only one coin, sort of a Grove's symbolic farewell to me.

1875 Seated Liberty Silver Quarter

1875 Seated Liberty Silver Quarter

Here is a series of pictures that could be called "Then and Now". I took pictures of a few spots at the the picnic grove during the first year I was metal detecting there. And I photographed the same spots after the construction was completed a few years later.

Metal Detecting Patch Back Then

Metal Detecting Spot Back in 2001

The Same Spot Today

Former Metal Detecting Site

Back Then

Shelly & Sergei at Picnic Grove Site in 2001

Old Rail Road Tracks and Forest are Gone Now

Picnic Grove Under the Black Top

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