Relic Hunting In Karelia

"Virgin" Site Protected by Nature

The weather in Karelia would change from "nice" to "bad" in a matter of a few hours. It was raining hard, when I woke up in the morning. That allowed me to rest more and prepare for my next venture.

I gathered whatever topographical maps of the area I had and began working out all possible routes to the location #1. I wanted to be able to bicycle as close to the metal detecting site as possible. I could not take the trail that ran along the southern bank of the river-tributary because the trail was a dead end - a large swamp.

The only way was to get across the wooded area and not to get lost in the maze of logging trails. The next morning came full of sunshine, and I started pedaling again.

Bicycling To the Metal Detecting Location

With help of a compass, my intuition and a local forester, whom I met on my way, I managed to get to the river in two hours.

Karelian Nature Scene

Just like the forester explained to me, at this location, the tributary was wide like a lake, but only a narrow brook was connecting it to the Vuoksi river. At some point, it would be easy to cross the brook and get onto the island. But first I had to get there on foot, I could not ride my bicycle any further. I left it at the trail-end and "bushwhacked" along the riverbank all the way around the body of quiet backwater.

Quiet Backwater

It took me 30 minutes to hike the distance of just 200 yards because of the endless obstacles on my way - boulders and tree roots hidden under the ferns and fallen trees. Then it was easier to walk as I came onto a nice trail that ran along the brook, the island was on another side.

Trail in the Forest

I found a crossing point soon and was excited about being so close to the site. My excitement vanished quickly as I started struggling through the impassable landscape. Now I had to either climb over the large boulders or walk around them through the dense vegetation.

Jumping from one boulder onto another was out of question as the boulders were covered with wet moss, and my backpack was too heavy for easy and safe jumping. I did not want to break my leg accidentally, and then nobody would find me here for days.

Impenetrable Karelian Forest

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