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Treasure Hunting Visits to Sedovo Site - 18th Century Settlement

The Village Sedovo is located 40 miles north-east of the city of Irkutsk in Irkutsk region, Russia. The initial settlement was founded in the 18th century and was situated a half a mile away. Now the site was just a field on top of the hill.

Fragment of Topographical Map of Lake Baikal

Fragment of Topographical Map of Lake Baikal

Because of a close proximity to the big city, this site had been frequently visited by the treasure hunters from Irkutsk. The field had already yielded three coin caches in the past three years, and many coins had turned up as the field had been plowed annually.

Village Sedovo in Siberia

My metal detecting buddies took me there just for a few hours after they got off their work. First time, I went there with Rudolf and his friend Vladimir. We decided to check out the spot at the corner of the field where a homestead used to be as the shrubs of stinging-nettle indicated. A few valuable coins were recovered at the spot before.

Metal Detecting Location

Rudolf parked his 4x4 next to the spot where he dug up a nice Russian icon, circa 18th century.

Metal Detecting Site

Old Russian Icon

Old Russian Icon

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