Treasure Hunting in St. Petersburg Region, Russia (Story #13), page 1

Metal Detecting with A Model Marina

General Map of Russia

General Map Of Russian Federation

I was in St. Petersburg, Russia, in June - the best time of the summer when the temperature and humidity usually do not get too high yet. Nice breeze from the Baltic Sea blows away all the traffic fumes and makes you feel just great.

Hanging out in the big city becomes enjoyable for both its five million population and a few hundred thousands of tourists who explore the streets with impressive architecture, 300-year old parks, endless river embankments, decorated with lions and sphinxes, and numerous historical places.

Students Resting in Front of Kazan Cathedral After Taking a State Exam

Kazan Cathedral in St. Petersburg, Russia

It was also a perfect weather for treasure hunting: the days became cooler as the Arctic air moved in from North. I was craving for new adventures, the aroma of campfire smoke, stillness of the outdoors and exciting finds.

My old treasure hunting buddy Forrest was to be busy with his family for another week, but my friend Marina got a few days off. I had been anxiously waiting for her to take me to her grandmother's summer house in the countryside. I could not wait to get out of the "concrete box."

Modern Apartment Buildings in St. Petersburg, Russia

Marina took me out of the city under one condition: I had to teach her how to metal detect. She was very excited about digging old coins and definitely wanted to find one herself.

Marina and Her Car Lada

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