Metal Detecting with Marina

As soon as Marina saw my find, she took the Explorer from me and began enthusiastically swinging the coil. In a minute I heard her shout, "I got a silver coin!" I came over to look at it but already saw her disappointment.

Well, Unfortunately Not A Silver Coin...

Not A Silver Coin

She was rewarded with a Leninist pin from 1980s. That was what young Komsomol (Union of the Communist Youth) members would get for their enthusiasm during the Cold War.

Pin Depicting A Lenin's Profile

Pin Depicting A Lenin's Profile

At least, her next find was a fragment of the 19th century silver plated spoon handle, with an elephant.

a fragment of the 19th century silver plated spoon handle

An elephant did not cheer Marina up much. She wanted that one silver coin so badly! I decided to leave her alone and explore the site. After a while, I noticed that she was digging at one spot for too long.

Digging a Target

Marina Digging a Target

I came a little closer to see what was going on. It looked like she was trying to get through the rocks, or maybe bricks, to the deeper target in the ground.

Marina Was Putting All Her Weight on the Shovel

Marina Using All Her Weight On the Shovel

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