Metal Detecting with Marina

Her grandma lived in a small village called Pulevo located in the western Leningrad (St. Petersburg) region, within a two-hours drive from the city. Except a few small WW2 battles, nothing historic happened in the area around the village, but it was still worth of checking out with a metal detector.

Pulevo Village

Pulevo Village

The summer house was built by Marina's father and, in fact, was equipped with everything to be a comfortable residence even during the winter months.

Summer House

When we arrived, we were greeted by a happy dog named Maxim (there was a cat somewhere too).

Happy Dog Maxim

Grandma Olga was also glad to have us over. Besides her, only a couple of other elder residents occupied houses in the village - no social life whatsoever, and any visitor was like "a gulp of fresh air."

Grandma Olga

Marina was so eager to learn how to use a metal detector that after lunch we immediately went to the nearest farm field, partially plowed. I explained a simple metal detecting technique to Marina and let her practice a little.

Learning Metal Detecting

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