Treasure Hunting with Marina

Then it was Marina's turn to detect. Right away she dug up a Russian 1840 2 Kopecks coin minted under the rule of tsar Nicholas I (1825 - 1855).

Russian 1840 2 Kopecks

She was very excited to find her first coin! I only wished the "hot" spot was bigger than it was. Marina could not get another good signal. After a while she got tired swinging the search coil through the grass, and I had to take over. I was surprised by her determination to recover more finds.

Within next hour of metal detecting, I managed to recover two more coins which were not in good condition, and that was it. Our last resort was the wooded area adjacent to the field. Marina had rested enough to treasure hunt again, so I gave her the machine and comfortably rested on the soft moss.

Gradually I began dozing off while listening to the silence of the early morning forest. Marina was metal detecting nearby. Then her cell phone rang. Being half asleep, I heard her talking on the phone, then I passed out.

I did not know how long my nap lasted but when the raindrops brought me back to life, I noticed Marina was still talking. That was when I realized that it was time to call it a day.

Talking on the Cell Phone

The weather was getting worse every minute. The threatening clouds were filling the sky quickly - a good reason to hurry back to the car and leave the field before the rain would hit hard.


At least, we managed to unearth a few finds within past 20 hours.

Metal Detecting Finds

And we had a great time being outdoors. We decided to do it again as soon as the rain would stop.

Marina and Sergei

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