Metal Detecting with Marina

I decided to change my tactical approach to the target search at the site. By switching the 11.5 inches search coil for 7.25 inches coil on my Explorer, I gained an opportunity of detecting the good targets that were positioned in between junk targets. The new approach paid off: I unearthed an old Imperial Russian uniform button of Justice Department, circa 19th century.

"Law" is Inscribed On the Button's Face

Imperial Russian Uniform Button of Justice Department, ca. 19th Century

Another insignificant find was a gold plated cufflink.

Gold Plated Cufflink

Now it was time for dinner. We returned to the village to find out that all inhabited houses on the street lost electricity as the street transformer burned down for some unknown reason. Calling up the utility repair crew was out of question simply because such a crew would not even bother coming to this remote location.

The only solution was to drive to the nearest town, some 15 miles away, and find a local electrician who, if not drunk, hopefully would be so kind to ride with us back to the village and fix the problem for some reward (vodka or money). This was what we did. By asking the locals in that town, we located the small apartment building in which an electrician resided.

His wife opened the door, let us in, and told us to wait a little as her husband was on the way back home. And, yes, he was sober (Thank Gods of Metal Detecting!)! As a matter of fact, he was the only man in town who did not drink at all. When the guy arrived, he turned out to be very kind, understanding and cooperative. He grabbed his tools and a sandwich prepared by his wife, and went with us.

Marina's grandmother and her neighbors were rejoiced when they saw the electrician arriving with us. He confirmed that the transformer was dead. He said he could do something else to fix the problem and easily climbed the street pole.

Electrician on Street Pole

Electrician on Street Pole

Since there was no electricity in the house yet, we decided to make a barbecue dinner in the backyard and eat it while sitting around the campfire.


The rest of the evening went smooth. We drove the electrician back home and paid him well for being not only a true professional, but also a decent person. On the way back to Pulevo, we made plans to get up around three o'clock in the morning and drive to a metal detecting site located 30 miles away. I visited that site two years ago and found some 17th century coins. Now I believed that we had a chance to recover more coins there.

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