Metal Detecting with Marina

For any beginner, pinpointing with Explorer would be a challenge, especially when using a large Double-D search coil. As I had switched the coils earlier again, 11.5-inches was the coil Marina was using now. The coil was too big to search the sides of the small hole she had dug, so she did not know whether the target was on the side of the hole or was deeper. That was why Marina was experiencing difficulties locating a target.

An electronic probe or pin-pointer would be the best solution to this problem, but I did not have one. I stopped using such a probe as soon as I mastered my pinpointing and recovery techniques long time ago.

Marina explained to me that she came across a good "silver coin" signal and was trying to find an elusive target in the hole. I offered her some help, but she refused my offer.

Scanning the Dirt Above the Search Coil

Looking For A Target in Dirt

Marina Digging a Target

Marina Digging a Target

Marina Kept Digging

Marina Digging a Target

Marina Scanning the Hole

Marina Digging a Target

I could see that she was already tired from digging. I had urges to show her how to locate the target fast but I knew she wanted to recover "her" coin on her own.

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