Metal Detecting in Russia: Story 12 - Revisiting "Virgin" Site, page 1

Repositioned by Winter Frosts, Coins in Ground Become "Visible" to Metal Detectors

General Map of Russia

General Map Of Russian Federation

I had not seen my old treasure hunting buddy Forrest for a year - that contributed to my joyous mood which I had at the bus station in St. Petersburg, Russia, when Forrest picked me off the bus from Estonia in July. As soon as we took off in his small "city wheels" and rolled into nearest gas station, the car stalled, but that was nothing unusual.

Forrest Is Opening the Hood of His "City Wheels"

Opening the Hood

The Problem Would Be Fixed In 10 Minutes

Would Be Fixed In 10 Minutes

The next day, we decided to visit the site which I and my other friend Tahhir previously explored - the "Virgin" Site (see the story Discovery of a "Virgin" Site) located in the western St. Petersburg region (Ingermanland), Russia.

Map of St. Petersburg region (Ingermanland), Russia

Forrest, his then-girl-friend Julia, and I were leaving the city of St. Petersburg in the early morning.

Driving Across a Newly Built Bridge

Newly Built Bridge in St. Petersburg

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