Metal Detecting In Siberia - Short Visits to Sedovo (Story 11)

The field still contained many good targets. For the next two hours, I recovered a handful of brass rings and other relics. Then I finally got an old coin.

Old Dug Coin

It turned out to be a highly sought Siberian coin. The coins of this type were minted only for circulation in Siberian provinces during the reign of Catherine II in the 18th century.

Siberian Coin, ca 18th Century

1775 2 Siberian Kopeks

1775 2 Siberian Kopeks

Sergei was taking a break so I walked to him to see his finds.

Sergei Taking A Break

He got a few "keepers" as well.

Sergei Checking His Finds

One of them was also a Siberian coin.

Another Siberian Coin

At that point, the day came to the end.

Beautiful Sunset

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