Metal Detecting In Siberia - Trip To Manzurka (Story 9)

Finding Old Jewelry with Metal Detector

In no time, I assembled my Explorer XS, set it up on "Coins" discrimination pattern, and began metal detecting. The presence of many "nulling" signals, when treshold sound disappears for a second, under current discrimination informed me of the iron targets' high concentration in the ground--a simple proof of the former homestead site. My first good target was a vintage wedding band.

Old Wedding Band Found with A Metal Detector

Gold Gilded Wedding Band, circa 19th Century

My next find was more exciting: an antique bronze signet ring circa 18th century.

A Bronze Signet Ring Circa 18th Century

Awesome Old Bronze Jewelry Found with Metal Detector

A Signet With Bow and Arrows Design

Bow and Arrows Signet Design

Next signal turned out to be a military uniform button circa 19th century.

Old Russian Military Uniform Button

Button with Monarch Eagle Design

Then I dug up an unusual relic - a bronze pendant with a primitive zig-zag pattern which was impossible to either ID or date.

Unusual Find, a Bronze Pendant

Antique Bronze Pendant Circa 18th Century

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