Adventurous Treasure Hunting Trip To The Ghost Village Manzurka (Story 9)

Finding 18th Century Siberian Coins with Minelab Explorer II

As soon as Rudolf parked the jeep, I grabbed my Explorer, got out, and began detecting. Because many treasure hunters had visited the site before, I decided to avoid the open flat areas and search through the bushes of stinging nettles. That strategy produced some great results. My first find was a Siberian coin!

a 18th Century Copper Coin

A Siberian 1775 1 Kopek Minted During the Rule of Catherine the Great (1762-1796)

A Siberian 1775 1 Kopek Coin Found with a Metal Detector

Then another Siberian coin came out, also completely encrusted and in even worse shape.

A Siberian 18th Century Coin

A Siberian 1770 1 Denga (Half Kopek) After It Was Cleaned Up

A Siberian 1770 1 Denga Coin

While the guys were taking a break, the girls took over and began 'swinging' the coils.

Daria Got A Good Signal

A Siberian Girl Metal Detecting

And she dug up another 'Mason' coin of the same year, 1831 1Kopek.

1831 1 Kopek Found with a Metal Detector

Irina used Nikolai's Explorer II detecting around foundations.

A Siberian Girl Irina Metal Detecting with Minelab Explorer

Using Minelab Explorer II for Coinshooting Around Old Foundations

Irina also found some 'keepers'.

Civilian Plain Button

plain Civilian Silver-plated Coat Button

Irina's Finds

irina's Finds

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