Metal Detecting In Siberia - Adventurous Trip To Manzurka (Story 9)

Locating a Second Metal Detecting Site

The size of the settlement, now almost deserted, and the presence of abandoned farm machinery scattered around gave us a notion that this place used to be a prosperous collective farm during the Soviet era.

Siberian Village Former Soviet Collective Farm

The main drag lead us to the old water pump-house which was still in use by the villagers.

Old Water Pump-house

Just in case, we filled all empty plastic containers with fresh cold water. To Run the Water, Rudolf pulled an Iron Hook Hunging Out of the Wall.

Operating the Water Pump

Before we finished our "water" project, a few local buryat guys arrived in a small lorry. They spotted our "Cruiser" cruising through the village, and they were curious about the purpose of our visit. After Rudolf explained what we were looking for, any old ruins, old foundations, or ghost villages, they got excited and volunteered to lead us to the location of two large ghost villages, situated next to each other, that used to have 150 homesteads each. We gladly accepted their offer and followed their truck struggling through the mud for five miles.

Following the Truck to the Site of a Ghost Village

Wild Horses Crossing Our Path

Wild Horses Crossing Our Path

At the Location

Assessing the Site

A Manor-house Stood Here

A Spot Where A Manor House Stood

An Elderly Local Explains the Village Boundaries

A Local Peasant Explaining the Village's Perimeters

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