Metal Detecting In Siberia - Trip To Manzurka (Story 9), page 5

Locating First Metal Detecting Site

Rudolf was told by one of his treasure hunting buddies about this spot but was not sure about its exact location. There were supposed to be at least four foundations at the site but we found only one that did not look very old. A quick search with a metal detector did not yield any finds.

Old Root Cellar Hole, Foundation

We drove further along the river until we spotted a herd of cows on the pasture, that was tended by a local shepherd boy.

Shepherd Boy

I immediately saw a good opportunity in talking to the boy, asking him questions, and finding information about the former village site in the area. Unfortunately, he had no clue what I was talking about.

Getting Helpful Information from a Local Person

We travelled a little further until I spotted a few patches of vegetation, the stinging nettle, in the field. That plant usually grows around the homesteads and is the best clue for the former presence of a village at the spot. I offered to do a quick search and Nikolai got his metal detector out and began searching.

Digging Up A Coin

To everyone's surprise, in less than five minutes, he got a solid signal and dug up a nice coin!

An Old Copper Coin Recovered

1831 2 Kopeks Russian Coin
1831 2 Kopecks (Mason Coin) Minted During the Rule of Tzar Nicholas I (1825-1855)